sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009


Darkness has prevailed. Nothing will change her horrible fate. The wagon carrying other condemned victims to their impending death is already at the entrance of the tower in which she has been imprisoned. She knows how terrible her execution is supposed to be and the endless torture she is about to go through.

On the way to the slaughter house she wonders how come her fellow prisoners, or at least some of them, could seem so happy or unworried before such an event that is coming. Some laugh, some fool around. All of them will be finished with hopelessly, but it seems like some can endure it longer than others. She envies their guts. She would like to be proven brave, worthy, experience everything heroically, but she is absolutely consumed with disgrace. She thinks about her mom and dad. How bad I am for being responsible for such a pain.

Her execution is slow. No gesture of mercy is allowed to the executioner. It takes about a week, lasting so long that she sometimes forgets about her pain for a few minutes, losing consciousness. Unfortunately, that is not the only thing that she manages to forget, and her awareness for most of the things goes away when really shouldn’t. At the end, she can still glance at the macabre scenery. Everything covered by red, like blood, like the color of her shame, like her doomed destiny.

Kleber Garcia

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